Depth finder fish locator

Broadband Sounder detail makes it easy to distinguish fish arches, bottom contour and structure details, bottom hardness, thermocline and more.

Depth finder

One year parts and labor. Such devices can sometimes mistake aquatic foliage and stones for fish, though they can usually locate fish with a fair amount of precision.

Depth finder fish locator

A depth finder is typically made up of two parts. A screen allowing for data input and viewing is placed on the boat, while a sonar device that emits and interprets sound waves is placed beneath the boat.

Fish Locator

The viewing device can display information with varying degrees of detail, from small blips of light to three dimensional maps of the bottom of the body of water. More detailed depth finders typically cost significantly more money.

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Normal postage time is working days to most places, excluding any unexpected delays due to holiday, weather, customs, or other conditions, etc. The unit can be used in ocean, river or lake and is fantastic for detecting schools of fish in any particular area.

Depth finder

Using amazing and innovative technology, this fish finder is the ideal tool to bring the fish to you!.

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